Noel and Carmen Adventure in the Karoo

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Once the car was unloaded, we took a walk down to the dam. Oh…My…Word….the view is truly priceless. There is a deck that rests on wooden stilts in the middle of the dam, so when you sit there, you see the water, the farmlands and the majestic Langeberg Mountain range. It doesn’t get better than this!


The magnificent view from of the deck and the mountain range


We needed to go back into town after discovering that “packing lightly”  meant forgetting a few essentials. I stayed behind and enjoyed the spectacular view while Noel went into town. The silence was deafening to be honest. You don’t hear a thing. No cars, no taxis, no people.  Every so now and then, I heard some sheep on the neighbouring fields, but other than that, some birds and dragonflies were my only company. I loved the silence. It forced me to be still, something I had forgotten how to do.

I stayed out there for the longest time. It took Noel just over an hour to go into town and back and yet being out there on the terrace surrounded by all this beauty, I lost track of time and truly could have sat there forever. It was exactly what I needed. Quietness so that I could hear my thoughts and contemplate where to next…for me, my life, my future.

We shared a few glasses of wine on the patio that evening after supper and out of nowhere this little fur Angel appeared. A  Jack Russell (the neighbor’s dog) had found us and decided that we would be her adopted parents for the weekend. Seriously, this dog was so attached to me that we were inseparable the entire weekend. She even slept with me in our bed nestled cosily under the covers, keeping me warm in the cold Karoo nights. When nightfall came, we sat on the loungers underneath the stars. It was truly magical. Not a breath of wind and a silence like no other. Although we were dead tired from the long drive and the unbearable heat, we just couldn’t get ourselves to go to bed. We didn’t want to let go of this. It’s like when you’ve been searching for something for so long, when you eventually find it, you hold onto it for dear life. I think we only went to bed after 1am….

Adventures In The Karoo

Tiffany AlfredNoel and Carmen Adventure in the Karoo
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Getting to know yourself better on a farm

Most of the guests that come for a stay on the farm wonder how I’m adjusting to moving away from my life in Somerset West and living in Montagu. The answer isn’t really a simple one. It’s been quite difficult having to deal with not being able to see my family and friends as often as I would like to. At the same time I’ve fully learnt to appreciate the value in having my own space and alone time.

“I’ve come to understand how important it is to have time on your own to think. Planning your future and maybe even just get to know yourself a little better.”



Living in a city like Cape Town – even a place as quiet as Somerset West can get very busy. There’s always activity around the city and most of the time weekends are dedicated to fulfilling our social obligations. In a profession as demanding as the hospitality industry most times even down time is hard to come by.

Another perk I’m quite grateful for is living on a working farm and getting to see the day-to-day functioning on the premises. I love starting my day off with the sounds of the birds singing and bees buzzing its so relaxing. Beautiful sunsets, the shadow of the mountain as the sun rises is what you are constantly surrounded by. I can’t even begin to describe the view of the stars at night. It’s something I believe everyone needs to allow themselves to experience at least once. A huge part of the experience is how wonderfully secluded the farm is. It’s away from traffic, and all the buzz associated with city life – the perfect place to run to when you just need a chance to disconnect and have a little quiet time


The great thing about Montague is also that quiet time doesn’t only have to mean staying indoors, with such a huge variety of activities to choose from I’ve never felt bored.



Divine Online SolutionsGetting to know yourself better on a farm
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